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Woodman Casting of beauties from France

Fantastic casting young beauties from France.

She is mulatto, juicy, fresh and hot, her breast is full of charm and her lovely shapes attract and fascinate, but our inimitable Pierre Woodman seduces and enchants her with his professionalism. And you will enjoy all of this incomparable spectacle. All free for you.


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Lyudmilla first time sex

Hello! As I know, Russian girls the most beautiful girl in the world.
Pierre Woodman knows it, too
He likes to tempt the Russian girls, especially the first time.

Lyudmilla casting
Lyudmilla, a girl who just turned 18 years old, she is beautiful, young, and she – virgin. Friends advised her to take a picture from a good photographer from France. She came to the usual photo session. She had no idea that this is our well-known photographer, Pierre Woodman. He could not understand the reason why the girl hesitate show his body. She confessed to him –  unshaved pussy, but the day drew to an end and all our heroes were very tired. Even the proposed 500 dolars for filming is not very satisfied with our Lyudmilla, she did not want . Then Woodman resorted to his wit and charm to, and she undressed,

Lyudmilla casting

and soon left him on his first night with a man, and she has not regretted the style Woodman has not left her bored. She became a woman is beautiful and very nice for yourself.
For the first time tasted the taste of sperm and anal sex Lyudmilla understood that it is destined to become a star.

Lyudmilla casting
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young Alison casting

This time I found online is perfectly movie seduction Pierre Woodman young girl Alison, she’s quite young, only tasted the joy of sex came to him to try himself as a model,

Woodman Casting

and he promised her most memorable photo session. But when he asked her to have sex with it terribly badly confused, because adult man has never offered her such. But thinking over the proposal and heard all sweets from Woodman she agreed to accompany him to the unforgettable moments of his life and a taste of that forbidden fruit is tempting style Woodman, who gave her a gorgeous sex, and gave to enjoy all the joys of his casting.

Woodman Casting

It has sex with him, and drank to the last drop of his sperm when he made her scream with delight. And then he showed all the superiority of style Woodman in anal sex and she fell exhausted on the bed due to his unsurpassed moments of pleasure

Woodman Casting

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YULIA casting

Greetings to you my readers. Yesterday, walking back on the internet in search of new castings from Woodman, found the casting of Pierre with Russian beauty Julia. I was shocked! It’s beautiful.

She’s young. It is, in my view, unassailable. But she came to the casting to the professionals. At first she did not know that she will be able to offer. She even ran away at first, but came back.

She gave herself completely to Pierre, he made it so enjoyable that it was burning in the eyes of a desire to suck his dick and swallowed all his sperm, after which they had an unforgettable anal sex.

The full version of the casting without censorship is on the site of Pierre, see.
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JUDITH Casting

Watch full video : JUDITH FOX

This Hungarian beauty JUDITH initially unaware that her fantasy so far will drop, and that Pierre Woodman will be able to meet her so. When it came to casting, she simply thought to make a few photos for myself, but to what brought the situation talented deceiver, you can verify just by looking the full version of its casting. I especially find it for you on the Internet and posted in his blog. I myself took a long look this beautiful casting and could not interrupt, so beautiful girl and so experienced WOODMAN.
And anal sex, which he proposed to a girl worthy of the gold award!

Hello world!

Just want to apologize for my bad english, I am no Englishman, and I am not someone who is fluent in English, but I’m a big fan of casting Pierre Woodman, so I start this blog because I want to share my impressions about his work, about his girls and his style.  Woodman style – this is a very interesting world that we can not understand until you look at least one of his casting.  Each casting – an extraordinary and stunning film about a gifted French quickly and beautifully directed by persuading a girl to play in his next movie, but that girl is not a simpleton, but a very beautiful and happens not very poor. And he knows how to seduce and all castings end a wonderful sex, which is difficult to convey in words and to describe a whole world of sensations for both the girls and especially for men.